Monday, July 02, 2012

Menswear Monday: Love Brand's Trunks for Trunks

July is the month of summer holidays. Whether you trek halfway across the globe in search of sun or prefer a chilled out staycation, one thing is for sure... you will need to dress appropriately for the beach. After all, no summer holiday is complete without a trip to the seaside.

There are many fun and stylish trunks on offer but there is only one brand who is dedicated to supporting charity through the sale of their trunks. Oliver Tomalin, a young British designer, has set up a swimwear label called Love Brand with the idea of creating products that raise awareness of naturally caused problems with the profits going to the relevant charities. This concept, coined by Tomalin as 'Bisociation' is set to create a deeper cultural shift where consumers will start to consciously and sub- consciously associate products with newly associated ideas for charitable giving.

This year, Love Brand, have collaborated with the charity 'Elephant Family' who work to prevent Asian elephants from becoming extinct. Love Brand and Elephant Family have created the concept, 'Trunks for Trunks' which allows 5% of the gross profit made by Love Brand to be put towards the charity. 

Love Brand's trunks come in a wide variety of colourways which include nautical stripes, vintage prints and bold graphics making them perfect for fun days out at the beach. Designed for men who have an adventurous spirit but search for elegance and style in the clothes they wear, Love Brand's trunks have a loosely tailored, European cut creating a relaxed and comfortable fit. The trunks are also available in boy's sizes, proving just how timeless the trunks really are.

I love the little details of the Love Brand trunks which include tiny tusk shaped drawstring aglets and the entwined trunks of the elephants on the label. It is these details that give the trunks a fun and playful edge and they are the reason why I love Love Brand. If you buy one thing this summer, then it has to be some Love Brand trunks. If I can't convince you, then hopefully these lovely photos, shot in sunny St Tropez will...

Visit the Love Brand website to see more... 

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  1. What a lovely idea: swimwear and charity association. Well done to this young designer! :)




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