Monday, June 25, 2012

Menswear Monday - James Kearns Launch

James Kearns is a designer who is full of surprises. Ever since his debut fashion show in London, I have been fascinated by the process behind his amazing designs. James creates footwear and garments for both men and women using leather as the principal material. Each item is unique due to the different cuts of leather used in their creation and the bespoke aspect of his designs gives them a sense of character and charm which cannot be found elsewhere. The character and charm behind his designs not only makes them the most coveted items around, it has brought them to the attention of fashion editors and buyers from across the world.

The process behind James Kearns' designs can be clearly seen on his blog which offers an insightful glimpse into his world. The blog consists of mainly photo based posts, all showing the details of the garments, up close and personal. Nothing is left undiscovered on the James Kearns blog and it is the perfect way to follow the journey of this promising new designer. 

This month saw the launch of the official James Kearns website which allows people to see the designs in full as well giving them the option to purchase their favourite pieces from his collection. The simple and elegant appearance of the website works well with James' signature aesthetics of stripped down, black and white designs, allowing people to become fully acquainted with the brand's identity. The layout of the site is perfect for giving you an overview of the range of work available from James Kearns and the site is clearly divided into the separate sections for ease of use. With pay day just around the corner, what a perfect excuse to take a look at the site and maybe even stock up on some wardrobe essentials? 

Once you have finished browsing his lovely new website, you must take a minute to watch this video, showing James' range of hi-tops for men. I am entranced by it!

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