Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day...Style For Real Men

Happy Father's Day to all the fashionable dads out there. What lovely things do your children have planned for you today? Well, if there are no exciting plans for you today, then I have something for you...A style guide for real men!

I say real men because once children become part of your life the chance to wear your silk pocket square tucked neatly in the pocket of your jacket becomes slim. Children make your style become more versatile, relaxed and of course more care free. This means you can still wear your bespoke suits during the day but when you return home you have to switch to dad mode. 

Dad mode doesn't have to be miles away from what you have seen on the catwalks of London Collections Men, in fact it is still possible to stay super stylish with just takes more effort. Take a look at these photos to see how you can adapt your style for kids without having to compromise...

A weekend in the city...

A day at the Park...

Chilling at home...

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