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Ay Caramba! 5 Mexican Designers You Need To Know

Feliz Cinco de mayo a todos I hear you say... For those of you not in the know, today is Mexico's equivalent to St Patrick's day and because of this, I think it is the perfect opportunity to share with you the top 5 Mexican fashion designers you need to know. So put down those Margaritas, stop whacking that piñata and take note...

Number one on the list of designers you need to know is Lorena Saravia. Beginning her career as an intern for top Mexican designer, Macario Jimenez, Lorena developed a deep sensitivity for sheer, subtle fabrics and fine lines. Now with five collections under her belt and a regular on the Mexican fashion scene, she has become synonymous with elegance and style across the whole of Mexico. Her latest collection, inspired by architecture, plays with the concepts of clean lines, minimalism and sexiness.

Lorena Saravia

Designer number two, is Carla Fernandez. winner of Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year at London Fashion Week in 2008. Carla Fernandez travels the length and breadth of Mexico in search of artisans who specialise in textiles and then works with them on a fair trade basis in order to produce her collections. A favourite of Vogue Mexico and a regular at fashion week, this designer is one to watch.

Carla Fernandez
Malafacha is the third designer brand on the list. A street wear label with a twist, created by Francisco Sadaña and Victor Hernal, Malafacha explore Mexican identity through the use of colour, patterns and textures. Their designs fuse together the different segments of Mexican society ranging from the underworld of city life to the colourful style of women working in fields. Varied and exciting, there is something for everyone in the Malafacha collection.

Since the early 1990's Armando Mafud has been mesmerising critics with his collections consisting of innovative interpretations of classic cultural traditions and customs. An explosion of colour is prevalent throughout his collections regardless of the seasons with pinks, greens and oranges featuring heavily. Occasionally colour will be replaced with highly sculptured garments in simple colours which have been know to steal the show...

Armando Mafud
Last but most certainly not least, Carla Gonzalez is a designer who is certainly exciting Mexicans at the moment with her stunning array of designs. In 2006 she exhibited her first collection for her label, Clara Glez, at Mexico fashion week and has now been named the youngest top designer in Mexico by a whole host of glossy fashion magazines. Her designs always consist of a chic, feminine touch that is carried through the patterns, colours and even the fabrics of the garments.

Carla Gonzalez

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