Thursday, April 05, 2012

It Is All About The Hair


During fashion week, behind all the glamour of the designer clothes, the flashing if the cameras and the beauty of the models, the one thing that stood out the most was the avant-garde approach to hairdressing. 

London saw the first ever McQ show take place at Somerset House. McQueen has been a constant source of inspiration for hairdressers worldwide and the McQ show did not disappoint. Compared with the fashion shows Guido worked on during NYFW where effortlessly chic glamour was on the agenda, the McQ show presented a strong, structural look that was styled with precision. The main look of the show and no doubt the most talked about look of the show (pictured above) was inspired by a 1940's hair roll with Guido exaggerating this technique to create an Avant Garde, high fashion appearance. The model's own hair is swept upwards and then rolled around a giant hair doughnut to create the rounded, disc appearance. It is a long and slightly painful process (for the model anyway) but it is one that is used time and time again in the world of hairdressing.

Louise Gray

Another show to catch my eye for its varied display of hairstyle was the Louise Gray show. Being dubbed the 'Queen of the more is more castle' by Vogue, Louise Gray certainly met our expectations this year with her fan like hair creations. Clipped, coloured, brushed and stuck...these stellar hair pieces really stole the show despite forming an uncanny resemblance to Jedward! 

Through my years of working in a hair salon, I have met some incredibly talented people. Andrew Thomas Corbett is one of them and he is someone who has chosen their desired field and truly excelled in perfecting the skill required for reaching the top. With his aesthetic of hairdressing based on conceptual dark fantasy ’Dark Mannerism’ and working outside of a fashion context, Andrew-Thomas Corbett is an award winning and leading London avant garde hairstylist. A first for hairdressing, Andrew-Thomas Corbett has worked tirelessly to present his avant garde educational collection ’Sardonyx’. Showcasing six innovative and adaptable techniques utilising synthetic hair, Sardonyx is inspired by the gemstone of the same name and pushes avant garde hair into the conceptual. With Sardonyx Coil, Step, Spherical Curl, Plait, Weave and Wave Plait, the techniques are broken down and shown in depth using a clear step by step guide. 

Now thanks to Andrew, hairdressers around the world can learn the skills of the trade that will allow them to, one day, create the magnificent hair creations we see parading down the catwalk. Which show was your favourite for hairstyles? 

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