Monday, March 19, 2012

Menswear Monday: Leather Jackets

James Dean 

Yes, the image above is James Dean and yes I know it is a very unoriginal choice but I want to take you back to the classics. Back to where it all began. You will discover new style icons and hopefully I can convince you that the leather jacket is the number one protagonist in any man's style adventures.

It was once only considered appropriate to wear the leather jacket as a form of protective outwear when working on the harsh barren land but with the onset of WW2, the 20th century saw a sudden shift in style rules. As the fighter pilots became the epitome of cool, so did their leather jackets with their fuzzy, furry collars and shiny brass buttons. After the war ended the leather jacket took on a new role in society, highlighting exactly which style tribe you belonged with. Indie kids who look up to bands like The Ramones, The Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes through to Mods, Rockers and even bikers all used the leather jacket as a symbol of testosterone fuelled rebellion.

The leather jacket is an eternal style icon which has grown to become a go to garment in every man's wardrobe.

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