Tuesday, January 03, 2012

MIISTA Shoes...My Latest Discovery!!

Miista X Saga Sig AW11
As all of you know, I love a good pair of shoes. Good quality, quirky and substantial shoes which can adorn my feet as I live the life of a fashion blogger in the heart of London town. Miista shoes certainly fulfil my criteria and I now find myself lusting over nearly every single pair of shoes listed on their website.

Miista shoes are the creation of Laura Villasenin, the founder and designer behind this up and coming shoe brand. Nestled away in the heart of Hackney, East London, Laura and her team, which have been appropriately named 'The Miistas' work night and day to produce a collection of shoes which screams style and originality.

The shoes are a concoction of opposites with different materials juxtaposed against each other creating shoes which have surprised fashion followers and renewed their love of the extraordinary. The attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm for the craft of shoe making is evident in the shoes that are created. Each one is a work of art, only worn by women who are headstrong and confident with their own style. 

Miista shoes is set to take over the London fashion scene this year and I know for sure that they will achieve great things. 

Miista X Saga Sig AW11
Miista is now offering its Twitter followers the power to reduce their prices. It may sound like a crazy plan but it is causing such a storm of excitement to brew that the price of some shoes has dropped as low as £1 resulting in the style to sell out. All you need to do is tweet about the style of shoe you want reduced using the twitter button on their website and the price is reduced. The more people tweet about that particular style, the more it gets reduced. If you have a large Twitter following, it gives you the power to reduce the price as much as 50%. This is an opportunity not to be missed and lasts until 13th January.

Visit the Miista website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

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