Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help! I am a Fashion Week Virgin

Every February and September, the fashion world gathers for what promises to be the greatest spectacle of British fashion to date...London Fashion Week.

Last year was my first real experience of London Fashion Week or LFW as it is often referred to in the industry. Last September I was invited by the bespoke womenswear designer, Susie Stone, to the preview of her latest collection of ready to wear which accompanies her bespoke dress service. I was to be seated front row, in touching distance from the models and alongside many prestigious people in the industry such as the designer Roland Klein and the team at Elle Magazine. It was my first introduction into the world of high fashion and an experience I will never forget.

Everyone has heard the phrase "You must wear black to fashion week if you wish to be taken seriously". Being fully aware of these time old words of wisdom, I opted for the safe option and wore a little black dress and heels. I was shocked when I arrived at the venue to find a whole array of colour being worn, it was such a lavish spectacle of warm jewel tones in varying hues and shades that my black dress couldn't help but look slightly drab against the backdrop of colour.

After experiencing one fashion week show, I am eager to attend more and although I may not always be front row, it is such an experience seeing the clothes displayed before your eyes that I would recommend it to anyone.

My words of wisdom for any Fashion Week Virgins would be this...

Don't be afraid to wear bright, bold colours to fashion week. You should wear what suits you best and most importantly, what you feel comfortable in. No one is going to say you cannot wear your neon pink blazer if you look tres tres chic in it. If anything, the street style photographers would love you. Just be prepared that you may see your photo on various Tumblrs across the internet.

Don't panic if you look completely OTT at the train station on your way to the venue. Chances are that once you arrive, you will fit in perfectly with the rest of the fashion set.

Please don't crucify your feet-it is perfectly fine to wear flats whilst travelling but you must remember to change them over to heels before you arrive.

Never speak to the row behind you-it is an unspoken rule

Always sit in the seat you have been allocated. Unless you have been placed in someone else's seat by mistake, you have no right to swap seats.

I hope my little words of wisdom have calmed your nerves, focussed your brain and given you the confidence to walk right into the show space and be as stylish as you can possibly be. No one will notice that it is your first time at fashion week so lips sealed and let your confidence shine through. I won't tell if you don't tell!

Images: The Guardian, All The Pretty Birds

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  1. I laughed at this blog, nice story! would love to see an international fashion week!

    1. An International Fashion Week would be fantastic, I attended an International Fashion Show on the weekend so will be blogging about it this week. So glad you liked this post.

  2. Thanks for these tips, I am a fashion week virgin! Just out of curiousity, why wouldn't you talk to the row behind you? xxx

    1. Hiya Veena, Fashion Week is great fun, nothing to be scared of at all. Not talking to the row behind you is just one of those weird traditions that occurs at fashion week, it was something I was warned against when I went and no one really seems to talk to other rows :/ Quite odd xx



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