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Veena McCoole

Some of you may remember my previous feature with Veena, blogger behind the fantastic blog Seven-Inch-Stilettos. It took place last year and she was the first person I ever interviewed on my blog and the first person to ever interview me.

Blogging has brought us together and we share our blogging stories and top tips with each other despite the vast distance between us (I am in London and she is in Singapore). There is a special bond between us that is shared between our blogs both of which started at similar times and have grown up together. Veena has also contributed to Moda de la Mode magazine, writing an insight into the world of top retailer Addison Dempster. 

On top of her hectic blogging career, Veena also attends High School and balances her time between studies, blogging and ballet. Her blog offers a personal insight into her life in the form of outfit posts, product reviews, photography and opinions on current affairs. Beautifully laid out and presented in a fun and feminine way, Seven-Inch-Stilettos is the perfect place to while away a few hours whilst being inspired at the same time.

Moda de la Mode have interviewed her a year on from her previous interview to see how life with Veena has changed.

What was the trigger for you to start blogging?

V: I've always been a really determined person. When I want something, I go out of my way to get it, and although that isn't always a good thing, it was the reason why I opened Seven Inch Stilettos. I'd heard countless success stories of all kinds to do with bloggers making a name for themselves in the fashion industry through a blog, and that gave me hope to pursue my dream of being a fashion journalist.

What has been the biggest challenge for you with regards to blogging?

V: As a freshman in high school this year, the biggest challenge is definitely managing my time. I've got thousands of extra-curricular activities at school, and sometimes a blog on top of all those commitments feels so overwhelming. Blogging is a really broad, dynamic experience, and being fully immersed in it takes a wealth of time and effort. The tracking of favourite blogs, the reading, the editing, the commenting, it's a big job and it certainly takes up loads of time!

Has the experience been what you expected or have you been surprised with the response you have got?

I've always known that a lot of work is needed to run a blog, and I've certainly put a massive amount of time and effort into Seven Inch Stilettos. The first six months proved to be the most unsuccessful for me, but after a revamp and makeover of both the blog and my attitude, my pageviews soared, my followers increased and of course, I was over the moon about this. So at first it was below my expectations, but now it's well above expectations.

You blog has grown so dramatically, what have you found to be the best way to gain a bigger following?

I make a huge effort to network with blogs, as I think that's equally as important as simply writing posts and gaining comments and views on your own blog. I love finding new blogs, and I know how nice it feels to receive a lengthy comment from someone who's obviously read what you've written and paid attention to your work, so I try and reciprocate and do that to others.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

Honestly, I wouldn't say there has been a huge highlight. The whole experience has been super fun, and I've loved every second of it (although the commenting/following back can get so tedious!), although if I had to pick one, it would be getting featured as Teen Vogue's Snapshot Blogger of the Day in October. That absolutely made my heart melt, and loads of my friends were super supportive of that too, which was amazing.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I honestly don't remember! I just like that it has a ring to it, and the fact that you don't come across a pair of Seven Inch Stilettos everyday just makes it something really unexpected, wild, special and out-of-this-world.
Describe your blog in one word

Colourful. I try and post about a variety of things, and so far I think I've succeeded!
What plans do you set yourself for the future?

I'm still only 14, meaning I've got loads of school-related stuff to be worrying about right now, but I definitely wouldn't call blogging a hobby, I take it very seriously and I take pride in my work. I'd love to write for magazines, become blogger famous, and further down the road I must admit I fantasise about interning at Teen Vogue and then working as Fashion Editor/Creative Director at Vogue Magazine!
What piece of advice would you share with other bloggers?

Be yourself, and put effort into what you're doing if you're serious about it. Don't chase after bloggers to get a follow from them, what you really need is support from them. Find people who really like your blog, and keep in touch. Networking is important, but loyalty even more so. The littlest things like a nice header and concise blog layout can make your blog seem more professional, too.
What makes your blog stand out from all the other fashion blogs on the internet?

I think it's the fact that I post such a variety of things, with an emphasis on writing. Most bloggersbloggers" who post pictures of their outfits, and others are beauty bloggers, etc. I'd say I'm more of a writer/journalist, so lots of my posts contain paragraphs of writing, but overall I post about everything, so everyone will find something that tickles their fancy after a little bit of scrolling on Seven Inch Stilettos.

If you enjoyed this interview, please visit her blog where you can also see my interview of me!

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  1. This is so great, thanks for publishing it! Yours will be up on Saturday/Sunday :) xoxo, Veena

  2. Oh, I love Veena! In fact, I was following her on one of my past blogger accounts. I really love her blog and I continued reading it even after I took a break from blogging. Glad I came across this wonderful interview. :)

    Happy Holidays! :)
    ~ Caity

  3. Wow, I love browsing through different fashion blogs and Seven-Inch-Stilettos really caught my eye. So glad i came across this interview. Check out



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