Saturday, November 26, 2011

PSIONICS Show, London

Perfectly tousled hair, swept back into a ponytail or tied neatly into a bun may be nearly every girls idea of a dream hairstyle. Simple, chic and elegant, not to mention timeless. These hairstyles are classic styles that have been worn for decades by women from all walks of life. It is only recently that more Avant Garde styles such as the iconic Lady Gaga hair bows or the fiery florescent shades of Rihanna's hair have started to filter down into key hair trends.

People of all ages are embracing this hair trend, experimenting with different cuts, colours and styles to add a creative edge to their look. People are no longer searching for salon perfect hair but instead are using their hair to show their personality. Hair doesn't have to be regimented and boring (something that has been a recurring theme during previous fashion weeks). Instead,  hair dressers are discovering new realms of possibility when working with hair, turning it into an art form that sometimes verges on being more avant garde than high fashion.

Two hairdressers that are constantly pushing the boundaries of acceptability when it comes to hair are George Akkad and Andrew Thomas Corbett. Their work delves deep into the dark side of Avant Garde to produce mystical, bold and imaginative looks which are then combined with a fashion editorial finish, creating a unique concoction of Avant Garde and high fashion hair designs. 

Their latest show held at the famous London nightclub, Cafe de Paris, proved to be a truly spectacular evening. The show was based around the theme of PSIONICS, meaning creating an other worldly phenomena with ones own mind and was split into two halves separately showcasing the work of Akkad and Corbett. 

Dramatic styles and colours were definitely on the agenda with hats made from twisted strands of hair, horns made from plaited hair and a brightly coloured feathered head dress making their way down the runway. The show featured twenty models who all modelled unique hair designs in addition to the Avant Garde garments designed by Gemma Goldstone, VictoriaClare, Kate Williams and Ara Jo (who has designed for Lady Gaga). 

This elaborate hair show definitely rivalled any fireworks taking place at the time and proved just how popular Avant Garde hair can be. The work of George Akkad and Andrew Thomas Corbett is only set to improve as they constantly push the boundaries of what is possible, changing the face of hairdressing forever. 

To see more of George and Andrew's work, please visit their websites or read Andrew's book: Hair Mythos in Dark Mannerism.

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