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Monsieur Mauro Monthly Post: How To Stay Stylish This Holiday

Guest Blogger, Mauro from the blog Monsieur M joins us for the month of August to give us some style tips on how to look fabulous this summer....

Many of you have already been there, others are leaving now, and others are about to leave soon, and many of you, as tradition wants, chose seaside, so I think it's time to discuss about rules to keep in mind at the beach, to put points on i for precision.

Let's start saying that we are on vacation, a period of time where people should relax, enjoy the place, recharge their own 'batteries' after a tough year of word, so why should you lose your time on computer, iPhones, iPads or mobile phones? That is just 'lost time', and your vacation's deadline is getting closer rapidly!

Moreover, there are little thing that can make fashion bloggers', fashionistas', fashion lovers' eyes happier...
I would start with men, (tricky and stubborn); and since most of them don't really care about style, they better read this:


Swimwear: the market is full of many types of swimwear, from shorts to pants, boxer shorts, surfer swimwear and etc, and I think each one of us (as I mentioned in a post on my blog some time ago) should choose carefully swimwear, taking into account your physical and the confidence showing your body; for example, a tall, well-muscled man can afford fitting boxer swimwear, which is absolutely not suitable for short, shy and not muscled people: so, pay attention!

Take care of your body: before of the so-dreamed seaside holiday, take a day when you take care of your body, in order to not look too"wild"! (There is a little bit of irony, of course). Man depilation, beard, hair... things litke this, no?

As far as it concerns women's rules, I think they have more rules to follow, but girls are, without doubts, the ones they give much more satisfaction with style.

1.Swimwear: women's swimwear is always more or less the same, except for new weird swimwear, and this is why you should choose a model with a particular color or special applications, avoiding, as recommended by Anna Dello Russo in her blog, to wear a bikini in the same color! You should create a conflict between the two pieces to make your costume different, rich!

2.Make-up: No No No! No make-up on the beach, the skin after the long cold winter, and so much make-up, wants to breathe, so protect it with a good sunscreen, and that's it!
Mascara, eyeshadows, lipstick would come off anyway because of the heat and the water, so give a chance to your skin to be free!

3.Shoes and accessories: Avoid too many accessories or high heels. The beach is not a runway, hélas!
Bangles, rings, wedges, ...: excellent accessories to make a look more glamorous, but not for a day at the beach!

4.Care of the body: as I said for boys, girls should be fully prepped for the beach.

Depilation first, then you girls should create an easy-breezy hairstyle, and the only chic touch allowed is a funny manicure.

Holidays are a period of relax as we said before, where our minds and our bodies regenerate from stress, and it's totally ok if during these days you break chic style rules, and conversely there should be awareness of the place you are with appropriate practicality.

Happy holidays!!

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