Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look Blogger Competition 2011

When I first heard about the look blogger competition, my heart skipped a beat and my mind started racing at the thought of the endless possibilities that could arise from entering the competition. 

When I first started my blog in November 2010, I was so clueless when it came to promoting my work and the only thing I cared about was creating a space to share my constant ramblings about the fashion industry. Now, I dream of reaching further afield and share my thoughts with other publications who share the same passions and obsessions as me and by entering this competition, it will give me the chance to experience first hand the excitement, the adventure and the general goings on during fashion week. Something I have only dreamt of experiencing until now. It is all very well sitting at my desk, drooling over the latest catwalk shows pictured online and in magazines but I feel I need to be part of the reality of the fashion show. Scribbling in my notebook, taking endless photos of the key looks and blogging all from the front row would feed my desire to create something unique and also allow me to see the process behind something which means the world to me. 

Look magazine steps inside the mind of the reader and knows exactly what they want to see in a magazine, delivering every time a mix of key trends and must have buys which leave you addicted and hanging onto every word. I feel my blog also focusses on these areas, providing my readers with an insight into current British fashion trends whilst still keeping it accessible for my global market. This accessibility which I feel I share with Look magazine, would make me a perfect candidate for reporting from the front row. 

I hope you can see from my application my desire to share with the world my thoughts and ideas, what inspires me and what empowers me to break boundaries with my work. It is this desire that fuels my love for fashion and is what has led me to create a fashion magazine of my own along with an article for Vogue Italia's website. I need the opportunity of experiencing the vibrancy and drama of being seated on the front row of the Look A/W show as without it my dreams will not become reality and I will be left, forever, in front of my computer screen blogging second hand news about the latest designers collections. I want more than that. I need more than that. I need to be there. 

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