Monday, July 25, 2011

Moda de la Mode Magazine Update

The magazine has been released and issue 1 can now be read on the blog and bought in print. You have all been absolutely amazing with your submissions, I feel honoured to be able to work with such talented and inspirational people. I am really excited about this new beginning in my life and of course the new beginning theme of the magazine. 

You are probably all dying to hear what the next issue's theme will be and I am pleased to announce that the theme for issue 2 will be 'Heritage'. Think Quintessentially English, Country Manors, Vintage, Old school glamour, Marie Antoinette, Bolsheviks, Ancestors, Legacy, Tradition, Literature, Classics, Icons,Generations, High Fashion. To give you a better idea of the theme I have made a mood board to illustrate just what I mean and to help you feel inspired by the new theme. 

Anyone wishing to contribute anything for the second issue then just leave a comment below so I can get back to you and we can get the ball rolling. Feel free to tweet me your ideas too...

Here are some guidelines for submissions but basically, if you want to contribute anything at all then do not hesitate to email me. I am also thinking about appointing some titles to people who are interested in playing a regular role in the magazine so if you feel that this is you...please let me know. 

I look forward to hearing from you but in the meantime, check out the guidelines for submissions:

-photography, editorials
-collage for several features
-artist, photographer interviews
-Streetstyle photos from your town or travels

-style and beauty columns
-Interviews with any emerging talent in the fashion industry
-Photo essay or journel on travel or any recent experience
-Articles on art, design, music, society etc...
-Street Style and Fashion Week coverage
-Vintage, Fashion History

-creative writing pieces
-book reviews
-essays on culture, arts, fashion, music etc...-Short Stories

Let me know if you are interested in any of these sections and we can work something out.


IMPORTANT: Deadline for submissions is 24th April 2012
-Dont Miss Out Magazine will be launched on 11th May 2012

Submission Process
· Only submissions that have fulfilled all of the requirements will be accepted.
· All submissions are subject to a thorough review by the editor of Moda de la Mode Magazine
· Decisions are based upon creativity, quality, professionalism, knowledge of fashion and how well the submission agrees with the issue or magazine as a whole.
Please feel free to have a go-we welcome everyone and no previous experience is necessary. And remember...If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again.

 Please do not hesitate to email me if you want to take part.

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  1. wow.. already planning for the next issue... I would email u asap =)

    Can't wait to see the first issue and hope you like my little article =)

  2. So excited to get started on this project!



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