Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Menswear Mondays: Festival Fashion

Yes, I know it is Tuesday today but my computer died on me last night leaving me without the power to blog anything. Despite this, I still want to carry on posting but I hope you will excuse the lateness of this post.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. A trend that I have seen emerging slowly this season is a style perfect for those summer festivals that are coming up very soon. Think vast grassy fields, live music, balmy summer weather, golden sun and all your friends around you. This all sounds great but what do you wear?? It is so easy for girls...seeing all those pictures from Coachella Festival earlier this year, they cannot help but feel inspired.

In reality it is very easy to look the part this summer....the festival look is all about an explosion of colour and of defiantly clashing patterns, brought together with confidence. Bandana paisleys juxtaposed with vibrant geometrics, sun-faded florals mingle with brilliant Navajo designs, while checks and spots vary wildly in scale. Shapes are simple, letting the patterns do the talking. This all sounds OK but where will you find such garments??

Look no further than Topman, who have taken this trend on board and created a whole collection dedicated to this style, check out the collection "Field Daze" at their website. But in the mean time, here are a few key items of this trend:

Latest Trend

Latest Trend

Cream Split Fairisle Jumper

Aztec Stripe Jacquard Snood

Contrast Denim Shirt

Stone Denim Shorts

Also, why not check out their hand printed T-Shirts for sale to complete that festival look? They are being printed and sold at the London Oxford Circus store for £20. Don't miss out:




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