Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Passed My Driving Test!!!!!

Yay!! I have passed my driving test and now am leagally allowed to drive anywhere in the exciting huh?! I really want to go on a road trip now but here are some photos in the mean time to keep the dream alive...enjoy!! Also if you fancy contributing some photos to Moda de la Mode magazine then just let me know....some fashion shoots would be amazing but anything relating to new beginnings is perfect!!



  1. Ahh, I miss driving. Here in France I can't do it because I live in the city so there's no need, plus I don't have a car. But I'd kill for the chance to go on a roadtrip.

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. Congratulations on your driver's license! It must be so amazing to be so free and drive anywhere. Great pictures too, I love the polaroid shot and the last picture!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! :)))


  4. yay! congrats! and great photo's! :)

  5. incredible pictures!! love your site :) so much inspiration i am your new follower please follow back :)

  6. Pat yourself on the back, dude! You say you want to go on a road trip? That's good, but be sure that you're prepared for it. Especially for the long ones, since they can be a test of endurance for you and your car.

    -Tyra Shortino

  7. Have you gone on a road trip lately? I bet when you passed your driving test that day, you were just happy and excited because you knew that your road trip dream would no longer be just a dream. Anyway, just don’t forget everything that you learned from driving school, and you will be fine on the road.

    @Marvis Carswell



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