Saturday, April 23, 2011


Lets start a colour revolution

You may remember my post at the beginning of this year urging you all to throw out your dreary, drab winter colours and exchange them for some colour, in that case it was coloured tights. Now that winter is over and we are certainly past tights wearing weather, I thought I would renew the pledge and bring it up to date as, of course, I am sure you all want to carry on the Colour Revolution that started the year off so well and got such a great response from you all!! 

I don't think you could have failed to notice the amount of colour that has burst into our lives this season not just on the catwalks but on the high street too. Therefore there is no possible way of shying away from it and you must embrace this deluge of colour that has hit our lives this summer. Many of you may be thinking, "Oh God, I hate colour-why can't we all just wear smart black clothes that make us look thinner and tres tres chic??!!" Well not only would that be boring, but who wears black when it is so sunny just isn't natural!! This doesn't mean I want you to wear head to toe bright bold colours, just bring some shots of colour into your outfit or if you are really feeling bold, why not try this season's oh so fabulous colour blocking trend?

An easy way to wear colour this season if you are new to this concept is choosing a bright solid coloured top and pairing it with either white shorts or white trousers. Zara is selling bright coloured t-shirts by the truckload this season so there is no excuse to not wear a bit of colour this summer.

Not only will wearing colour make you feel more confident in yourself, it also makes you emanate confidence, so others around you will think your more approachable and you will find that everyone is a lot happier with some colour in their lives. So, who's on board this time for "LETS START A COLOUR REVOLUTION-Season Two", I know I certainly am!!!

Here is an example of one of Zara's bright and bold summer t-shirts:


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