Sunday, April 17, 2011

The First Supermodel in Space

Is it a bird, is it a plane?...No it is a supermodel!!!

Doutzen Kroes Biography
Yup you read correctly...the first supermodel in space!! Supermodel and Victoria Secrets model Doutzen Kroes has made the decision to explore the Cosmos for charity and will be raising money for the HIV and AIDS awareness group dance4life. 

In 2014, she will board the first ever Dutch commercial flight into space along with one lucky winner from her competition and she will make her journey into space. Through her job she has been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places but she feels that nowhere is as pretty as the view of Earth from space. Following many great astronauts she will make the dangerous and life altering journey into space all for charity. To learn more about the charity she supports click the link here or to find out how you can join her on her journey click here.


  1. Wow this is AMAZING what a fantastic thing to do...a star in there is an original idea haha.

  2. OMG, a supermodel in space! This is so incredible! :)

    Thanks for the comment! :)



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