Monday, April 18, 2011

First Ever Menswear Mondays-The Chino Trousers

Moda de la Mode is starting "Menswear Mondays" where every Monday there will be a post about the latest trends in menswear. This is where you guys come in...Moda de la Mode is looking for contributors to help her with the menswear posts so that there can be a post on menswear once a week. If you are interested, leave a comment on this post and you can be featured on the blog. Anyways, here is Moda de la Mode's "Menswear Mondays" post.....

This photo is taken from Street Style Photographer Lee Oliveira's blog but I just love the layering and the combination of the warm sandy colours which are central to this look. There is a softness to this look through the juxtaposition of the woollen clothes and the big heavy boots which makes this look just so interesting.

This look is the perfect look for this spring as the mornings start off to be very chilly hence the need for the coat and scarf but the summery skinny chino's and the layers make this look easily adaptable for the warmer weather.

Chinos are a huge look for men this season and the highstreet is bursting with various styles of chinos to suit any look this season. I love how this look is creative, not just following the crowd and wearing chino's in a preppy sort of way, but he is creating his own individual style. The sunglasses and his man bag just set the look off and give it that quirky edge needed to elevate it up to the hot look it is here.

See this look and many more at:

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  1. wow that guy is dresses so well. lve me some chinos any day :)
    Lydz xX

  2. I really force chinos on my boyfriend...I think they're such a great casual piece for men. Love this menswear feature, keep them coming!

    Alexandra xo

  3. Thanks 'cause of the tweet!
    I'm interested

    I really love this blog ;)



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