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Divi Cult....A Treasure Trove Of Vintage Finds!!

Divi Cult-The one stop shop for all things vintage!!!!

When I first discovered that there was going to be a new online vintage store, I was so excited and had to find out more. Having opened their online store on the 23rd April 2011, I have spent many hours drooling over the many vintage pieces featured on their site. It is an Aladdin's cave of all things vintage, selling a collection of women's clothing and accessories as well as men's. I was also lucky enough to interview the owners and founders, Matt and Meg, about the process of setting up the store as well as their views on the fashion industry and of course, on all things vintage!!

Here is the interview but do make sure you check out their website to get your hands on the best vintage at extraordinary prices. But be quick....this website is a hidden gem in the world wide web so make sure you visit before all your favourite things have gone.....

Question 1: How did you decide on the name?
Meg: My dad came up with it a while ago, and was saving it for something special.

Question 2: What is your unique selling point?
Because our quality and price is extraordinary! Because we care, and we dont think of our customers as banks!

Question 3: Who is your ideal Customer? Describe them?
Someone who understands vintage, and is always willing to try new things, even if they arent routine, someone who is willing to trust us and in return be trusted

Question 4: What is your Opinion on the comeback of 70s Fashion?
Not a lot to be honest! I dont feel that it will be as popular as say if the 80s were to come back. I think all eras of fashion were brilliant but I think I would prefer the 80s and 60s to the 70s, I dont think a lot of people will be able to bring it back.

Question 5: What is your favourite decade in fashion? Why?
Matt: 80s, because of the new romantics!
Meg: Definitely 80s, (and very late 70s) because of the high waited shorts and the kylie jumpsuits.

Question 6: What key vintage item should everyone own, in your opinion?
Matt: A denim shirt, they're comfortable, they never wear out and they never really go out of fashion
Meg: A pair of roll ups or chinos, because you can wear them whatever the weather

Question 7: What has been the most enjoyable aspects of setting up the company?
Working together, getting to know one another in more depths. Spending long nights together really tests you! Also accomplishing something together.

Question 8: What does fashion mean to you?
Matt: a way of expressing yourself, feeling good and knowing you look good, Confidence!
Meg: Definitely! It means nearly everything, its an expression, an art, a feeling!

Question 9: What do you predict the key trends in vintage fashion will be this summer?
Matt: High waisted shorts, light flowery louses, long floaty dresses
Meg: Neutral coloured leggings/chinos, deck shoes, well groomed hair.

Question 10: Where is the best place to search for vintage finds?
Well, of course!

Question 11: If money was no limit, what would be your dream for divi-cult?
Matt: We would want to open a chain of shops and expand our line
Meg: Eventually I would want to start making my own clothing line, as well as carrying on with vintage.

Question 12: What piece of advice would you give to someone who is trying to set up their own business?
Dont give up! Honestly just do it, dont sit around for years and years JUST DO IT. But at the same time, know your limitations, dont pour your life savings into something to see it fall within a matter of days. Take a step back, be realistic, work HARD. Come to terms with the fact that its going to be a lot of work.

Question 13: If you like vintage fashion, do you like old music? If so what song is a classic for you?
The knife, Bob Dylan, Velvet underground, Bowie, Iggy pop, The Police, The monkeys, Blondie, Beach boys.

Question 14:  Which city in the world offers the best fashion, be it catwalk, high fashion, street or vintage?
Paris, Milan, London, Rome, Berlin any city in the world has something unique about it, in terms of fashion, if I could combine them all it would be a paradise!

Question 15: Describe Divi-Cult in one word?
Matt: Success
Meg: Real

Megan Ainsworth-Amond
Matthew Evans

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