Friday, March 11, 2011

Vogue House London and Condé Nast Worldwide News Store!!

After hearing Condé Nast had opened a super hightech store selling all its publications from around the world, I had to indulge myself and check it out. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Walking into this little oasis and escaping from the busy, noisy hustle and bustle of London streets, I was confronted by a wall to ceiling display of glossy, shiny and foreign magazines. Obviously they had all the British magazines there but they also had a huge array of magazines from all across the world all set out neatly on a white shelf and labelled with a flag to let you know what language the magazine was written in. As I study Spanish, I decided to buy Spanish Vogue and Spanish Condé Nast Traveller Magazine but I was tempted by so many others there too and it was so interesting to compare the different styles of front covers. Here are my purchases:


  1. Great post!

    Kisses from

  2. Thank you, I am glad you liked it. It was such a fun trip.

  3. OMG! This is amazing I didn't even know they opened a store in London! Lovely post thank you for sharing, and for all your sweet comments, have to get there!


  4. Oh my god! I want to LIVE in that store, it's like heaven to me ;D

  5. What a fantastic store! So cool.

  6. It is a really new store, it just opened last month. It is so cool, just like heaven. Thank you all for your lovely comments xx

  7. I think I would have bought all :D:D:D:D

  8. I am gonna work there some day... *sigh*


  9. I am with both of you on this one haha. It was so so tempting to walk away with the whole store especially as the magazines were really reasonably priced. I really want to work at Vogue too Fiamma, I guess we are going to have to fight for a job haha.

  10. Love this. The store is incredible. My heaven.
    About to do a post on this too, came across yours while i was mid-sentence in my post!
    Thanks for your support and comments on my blog! So glad that you enjoy mine. Your blog is great! Im following! xx



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