Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Katie Corbin-"It's Not My Boyfriend's"-Artist Profile

It's Not My Boyfriend's by Katie Corbin

After visiting Unravel 2011, a festival of knitting on the weekend, I came across the amazing artist and designer Katie Corbin. The knitted motorbike "It's Not My Boyfriend's" was made whilst Katie Corbin was still at university. Here is an artist profile of the artist herself:

Katie Corbin is mainly a painter but also works in all areas of Art using a range of materials. She began her formal training studying Fine Art at the University of Portsmouth (UK) and graduated in 2009. For her degree show, she bought a Chinese 125 motorbike from a scrap yard and covered it in wrapped and knitted wool. The idea for this developed after she was inspired by Yarn Bombing, Elaine Bradford and Christo and she began experimenting herself with wool. During an assessment, Corbin's tutor asked how she was going to develop her work and jokingly Corbin said "I might wrap a motorbike!" Having no knitting experience prior to this, she taught herself to knit using YouTube tutorials and because of this, the motorbike not only shows the process of wrapping but the improvement of her knitting. After deciding to base her project on gender and stereotypes, it was named 'It's Not My Boyfriend's' because people assumed that it wasn't hers, which is the point of gender stereotyping. Following her degree, she trained as an Art teacher whilst continuing to knit and learning how to master to crochet too. Currently, Katie Corbin is planning new projects involving wool so watch this space!!!

To see an interview with the artisit herself, click here


  1. This is amazing! I L.O.V.E IT & the story.

    Great post


  2. Hi! Thanks so much for all your comments on my blog. I really enjoy checking out your blog and the different art/fashion/culture you feature!



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