Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diy Fashion...Fossil Skirt Instructions

Here are the instructions on how to make a fossil skirt:


You Will Need:
Enough white cotton to fit your measurements
1 large circle for the gathered front of the fossil
1 smaller circle just bigger than the size of the large circle when it has been gathered
2 pieces of fabric cut into the shape of the skirt
Interfacing cut to the same size as the waistband
1metre of black ribbon
1 large rectangle to make the bustle.
1 zip and 2 hooks and eyes
Grey dylon dye.
(All the measurements depend on the size you want your skirt)
Getting Started:
Once you have cut out all the shapes from your white cotton, you need to dye it using the instructions on the back of the dye packet. I found it good to do two circles at the smaller end of the skirt on the front and back then one the large circle making sure the lines are evenly spaced apart (these are going to be the lines you gather along). All the rest of the fabric you dye just plain grey.
Mark quarters of both circles (on the right sides) with chalk.
With white cotton – do running stitch on both circles. Leave threads hanging.
With right sides together, pin two markers together. Do running stitch on big circle to the next marker. Pin those two markers together and draw thread up so that the big circle is the same size as the small circle. Secure the thread. Pin and tack the two matching sides together. Repeat this all the way round but only secure 3.5 quarters (for stuffing!). Sew around using machine.
Turn the right way round and pull the white threads to get them to the right size. Secure them.
Stuff the fossil.
Pin and tack the inner white circle and sew with zigzag to create quilted effect.
Repeat for the outer white circle.
Over-sew the opening by hand.

Pin, tack and sew the fossil to the front of skirt.
With right sides together, pin, tack and sew the side seams together.
Over-sew and tidy up the seams.
Pin, tack and sew the back seam up to the zip opening. Press this back seam to help with putting the zip in the right place.
Over-sew and tidy up the seams.
Pin, tack and sew the zip in (remember to overlap the skirt over the zip).
Pin and tack the interfacing to the wrong side of the waistband.
With right sides together - Pin the waistband to either side of the zip (remembering 5cm overlap at one end plus the 1.5cm seam allowances at both ends). Then pin mark the centre and sides on the waistband to match with the centre notch and side seams on the skirt.
Gather up the top of the skirt with running stitch. Do this in sections to each marker if it helps. Pull the gather to fit the waistband. Secure the thread. Pin and tack in place.
Sew the waistband to the gathered skirt.
Sew the ends of the waistband.
Turn over the fabric. Then pin, tack and sew the inside of the waistband to the skirt.
Sew the fastenings to the waistband.
Pin, tack and sew the hem.
Press the garment.

With right sides together and with ribbon in place – pin, tack and sew one end and the long side together.
Turn the right side out.
Stuff with stuffing.
Finish by over sewing the open end.


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