Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fashion DIY: Every cloud has a silver lining...

This is a little fun fashion DIY that I am sharing with you today, it is a little cloud purse with a silver lining. It is very simple to make and looks super cute too. All you need is some white fun fur, the same amount of silver fabric, two stick on eyes, thick pink thread, a small square of felt in the colour of your choice, fabric glue, white thread, a sewing machine, scissors, a sewing needle and 15cm ribbon in the width and colour of your choice. 

First cut out two matching cloud shapes in from the fur in the size you want making sure you allow 1.5cm seam allowance and then do the same in the silver fabric for your lining.

Pin and tack the silver fabric to the wrong side of the fun fur, adding in the ribbon to make the arms and then sew with the sewing machine using white thread.

Turn the cloud the right way around and then turn over the top to make a neat hem for the opening and sew with the machine.

Stick on the eyes to the face of the cloud and then sew a nose onto the face using the pink thread.

Cut out the hands from the felt and then using a needle and thread of the same colour sew the hands to the lengths of ribbon. NB: You will need to cut out 4 hand shapes to make the 2 hands.

You can also add an optional fastening to the opening of the bag for example a press fastener or velcro.



  1. I love it! You are amazing.
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I will follow you through Bloglovin'! <3


  2. Cute DIY.

  3. aw, that is too cute, love the detail of the silver lining! :)


  4. I have give you an award in my blog, check it here



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