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Interview with the founder of
 Here is my first ever interview, I hope you like it. I have chosen to interview the founder of the blog Veena who is 13 years of age, living in Singapore and is Irish Thai. She is also a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers 

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion isn't about how many zeros are on a price tag, not about the height of your heels. It's not about the label on a dress, or about how much money you have to spend. It's certainly not about how many pairs of shoes or charm bracelets you own, but how you use them, how you present them. It's about self expression, it's showing who you are through what you wear. Fashion is Art. It's art which requires a small amount of tangible resources and a large proportion of imagination; where the human body is one's canvas to decorate, to inspire, and to dream. Fashion is memories. My grandma's creamy cashmeres that I cried in. My mom's beautiful rings that will one day be mine. My best friend's matching scarf. Fashion is everywhere, it's on the runways, in the lipgloss, and in the stars. Fashion is what you want it to be. It's corny, but it's true.

How long have you been interested in Fashion?I've loved fashion since I was about 11, so two years ago. I started sketching my own designs and reading fashion magazines when I was 12, so it's been 1-2 years.

Favourite Accessory?Definitely my pinstripe fedora hat from JayJays, featured in many of my posts. It's so versatile and edgy and it brightens up any outfit.

Favourite High Fashion Designer?Hands Down, Oscar De La Renta. His red carpet dresses are to die for, and everything he designs is so intricate and beautiful in it's own way. All his shows are so authentic and tell amazing stories, he's just too talented for words.

Most Stylish Celebrity?I can't choose one, they're all really different and unique. I like Rihanna's fearlessness when it comes to clothing, and the Olsen Twins are pretty legendary too.

How has fashion affected your life?Fashion completes me. It's what I do for those endless hours sitting in my bedroom, sketching. It's what I read in all my magazines. It's what I do when I sit in front of the computer for ages. It's what I want to succeed in and learn about. It's changed me a whole lot, it gives me a really unique outlook on life.

If you had a fashion label, what would it be called?I would call it VLM, my initials. Or maybe 'Inspireland,' because it contains the world "Ireland" in it, which is where I'm from and where a lot of lifelong memories were made. It also sounds really fairytaley and dreamy, and that could be easily juxtaposed with my clothing.

What item of clothing do you wish people wore more often?Definitely hats. And I'm a hypocrite for saying that because I rarely wear hats, but I love them. They're so sensual and mysterious, to be able to wear a stunning outfit and have gorgeous makeup on, then to pull a sneaky beret over your eyes and trawl the streets seems so empowering and amazing. Hats add so much flavour to clothing, and never are that expensive. They keep you warm in the winter and protect you from the sun in the summer, and you can find them everywhere.

Why do you like blogging and what makes you post?I like blogging because I feel safe, sharing my thoughts, dreams and opinions to a like minded audience. The reason you are reading this now, off a fashion blog, is probably because you enjoy fashion, and those fashionistas are the people who I want to reach out to, they are the people just like me in a completely different way.

Describe yourself in one word!One word? Alive.

You can see my interview on her blog:

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  1. Hy dear! Great interview! This girl rocks! and she is only 13!! Thank you for the message you left me on IFB! I follow you! If you want to visit and follow my blog I would be happy!
    A hug from Italy, Giò



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