Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fashion DIY: Flower Skirt

This skirt is really easy to make and doesn't take too long at all. All you need is:
  1.  Sewing machine,
  2. Template,
  3. Tape Measure,
  4. Needle and thread,
  5. Zipper, Hook and Eye
  6. Silk
You need to make a template to fit your measurements-you need 6 panels, a waistband and 12 petals at the size you wish. Cut out the fabric and start sewing the panels together. Before you sew the waistband you need to tack the petals onto the top of the skirt then add the waistband followed by the zip. Finish off the waistband and add a hook and eye...enjoy x


  1. Oh what a fun little skirt and a fun project too.

  2. This looks so pretty! If only I were good at using a sewing machine...!

  3. wow! i must try this!

  4. Aww I am glad you guys like this-I studied desgin last year and one project was based on organic forms so I chose to make a flower skirt. It is fairly easy to make...I will post better instructions on how to make it etc..really soon so you can all have a go at making it. I promise more Fashion DIY will be on the way shortly. Enjoy my blog and keep following it...xxxx



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